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CCTV Drainage Surveys

You may be put off from the idea of having your drains inspected, imagining that the process will cause mess and disruption to your daily activities. However our engineers can use the latest CCTV camera equipment to inspect pipework with just access to a few inspection covers.

CCTV surveys of drains are the the most up-to-date way to get a good inspection of the pipework beneath your property, without costly, invasive or disruptive excavation.

We specialise in CCTV drain inspection and survey in Manchester and the surrounding areas. As one of the top notch drainage services in the area, we invest in the latest technology equipment and operative training of our technicians.

With the market-leading CCTV cameras, DVD recorder and other equipment, our team is able to cope with the most challenging CCTV drain survey needs. In fact, CCTV surveys are an inevitable part of our drain services business.

  • Accurately identify drainage problems
  • Revelation of structural layout of drainage system
  • Complete investigation of drain blockages
  • Excavation
  • Reduce Inconvenience at the job site
  • Useful in unsafe drain structures

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Party Wall Surveys

If you or your neighbour are considering having an extension or any alterations to your home, you may be advised by your structural engineer to have a party wall survey carried out.

This is to ensure that there are no damages to the drainage pipework between the two properties.

Having a party wall drain survey will confirm the condition of the drainage system before and after building work has been completed. If there is any evidence of defects within the pipe work, a party wall drain survey will confirm this.

Party Wall Surveys Are Quick And Easy To Book